× Recently, an unapproved mobile app was found bearing Piepool's logo and tradename; this mobile enabled users to visit Piepool's website through a full screen browser. We do not endorse this application and have not reviewed it's source code. It was not clear whether this was simple copyright infringement or a phishing attack as well, however due to the high volume of phishing attacks experienced by the industry as a whole, we have made the decision to require that all users reset their passwords. Any and all software releases bearing Piepool's tradename and logo, will be reviewed, hosted, and distributed by Piepool. Thank you to the pool member who brought this to our attention, we encourage all members to reach out should they see suspicious or potentially malicious third party software or content, doing so helps us address the issue quickly.



Because one byte is never enough.


Piepool is a unit investment trust platform for cryptocurrencies.


We believe that centralizing resources not only increases shareholder's dividends, but reduces everyone's overhead.


Our automated platform makes it easy for users to invest, track earnings, and monitor the global analytics for their investments.